Anblicke wahrend der Zukunft

Table of Visions
Take Flight, Deception, Shadows in the Sand, Apostolic,
A Dream within a Dream, Unknown,
Bittersweet Salvation.

Take Flight

Aura 3

Empathy and Apathy, it's all I see, all we can be, our destiny is to be free
From this pain, for their gain, purge the stain - clean the slate, stop this hate, --
from all this I abdicate.
Mushroom clouds and toxic waste, we've fucked this world, is it too late?
-- For the wound to heal,
-- For the rift to seal,
-- This moment we can steal, I'll play my cards, then you can deal.
-- This is how I truly feel.
The world's gone to hell, can you tell, from this pedestal, I fell --
every day my soul I sell.
Take a hit, smoke some shit, get lit - escape from it / Reality --
Futility, it all ends in fatality, the ultimate finality. --
Can't stop this brutality, once again, it's all I see.
So bring it on, I've seen the dawn, I may be wrong, for truth I long.
Face you fear, hold it dear, dry no tear - Can you hear, the sound is clear --
The time is near. You're not King Lear, you're Gloucester. //
Does that surprise you? / Being blind, out of your mind, one of a kind, you finally find:
-- Your destiny
-- Your chivalry
-- And in the mirror, your enemy.
-- Can you see?
-- Can you be?
-- It's time for you to just break free.
So in the end, message you send, reality is yours to bend. //
So seize the night, see the sight, lose your fright, stand with might --
it's time to let your dreams take flight.


Aura 1

It's sublime, a crime, stop on a dime, in time, divine.
Doesn't mind sunshine, it's blind, this rhyme.
Powers that be, it's me, I see your plea, can't be too free. /
-- I grieve,
-- I freeze,
-- Can't leave,
-- Can't breath,
-- You tease,
-- Don't please,
-- Can't ease,
-- Deceive. //
Yes, deceit, retreat, just feign defeat, --
Hot seat, no heat, I've beat your feat, elite, discreet. 
Full stop!
"Has it ever occured to you that maybe, just maybe, things
are the way they are not because they're right, but because
that's the way we're used to them being?" //
Of change we're afraid, get paid, get laid.
When all's been said, tears shed, you bled, --
and now we're dead, can't move ahead, just pain - bloodshed. //
Blood and gore, we want more, want war, --
Make it fast, don't bore --
My eyes grow sore, what's it all for? //
We strangled love, we killed the dove, --
It's far too late to stop this hate. 
Or is it?
"A society based on fear and oppression drives us into
an ever growing pit of pitch black night. 
It only takes one, one brave enough to shine a light, 
to pierce the darkness, to stop the cycle, to remember love."
Peace out.

Shadows in the Sand

Aura 5

Shadows in the sand, represent the man,
in a metaphoric world, the vision can't be banned. /
--Nothing stopping it.
--Nothing blocking it.
// Just let it be, and you will see, 
That the truth is all that matters to you, and to me.

Lightening in the pearl, represents the girl,
that was found there on the beach, 
like a microscopic mural. /
--It is the future.
--We're in the past.
// So come with me, and you will see,
We can make our dreams in--to reality.

Is peace eternally, a possibility, 
in a world that's filled with hate?
We'll just have to wait and see. //
Bringing us together in a plan of unity, --
seeing us together with true equality,
--Working to make it real. 
--Not just another spiel.
// So lose yourself, forget your fear,
Open you mind, just listen, and you will hear.

Shadows in the sand, Lightening in the pearl,
Silver Tides at hand, and Misty Winds a swirl,
This is our time, we finally can break free,
Bring light into this world, fulfil our destiny.

(* Original version: June 1995. Revised edition: June 2005. *)


Aura 4

Apostles of hate, substantiate, advocate, initiate, while we wait, they desecrate --
Foundations of society, revelations of impropriety, it's heresy, can't bear to see.
It's systemic, epidemic, chaotic, erotic, erratic, yet static, fanatics, we've had it.
Can't stand this, it's hopeless, our dreams are evanescent, --
it's time for revolution, but disillusion is omnipresent. 
Psychosis, neurosis, whatever diagnosis, it's cancerous, ferocious, --
It blinds us with copious, / Amounts of inner fear, our bodies it sears, our minds disappear, /
And in the frontier, a necromorphic abolition, of all our tradition, we're cast into prison,
complete indecision, and with it we die, give up all inside, give in to the lies, 
cast off this disguise. 
And finally there, we can't even bear, the mask that we wear, pretending to care.
Will anyone hear, feel past the fear, hold what is here, fight for what's dear?
Or've we already lost, sold out? At what cost? //
Dissolution, confusion, mental contusions, what is the conclusion? Is there no solution?
We hide behind masks, can't focus on tasks, belittle the past, and now we are cast, /
Into stone, into bone, for hasn't it shown? What little we've known, long as the light shone.
And now we're alone, in the cold and unknown, the negative tone, abolished in Rome.
"As Nero played fiddle, the flames overtaking us all."

A Dream within a Dream

Aura 2

(Sigma 1)

We can't escape, the dark embrace, the fleeting face, the screaming wake.
Trapped in a cell, a mental hell, and as we fell, into the well, --
of cold dark fear, we cannot hear, as it grows near, the chromosphere. //
And in it's flames, we can't sustain, the searing pain, flows in our veins.
--of life
--in blood
--the strife
--no love
--we burn
--we hate
--can't learn
--our fate
"Why can't we wake?"

(Sigma 2)

We know our fate, cannot escape, it resonates, with bitter hate,
The dark dreamscape, eternal wait, we obliterate, alliterate --
-- Softly, singing silent songs, sweetly serenading souls /
-- Deftly, defying dismal darkness, dancing distant dreams -- dissolve /
-- Loving, laughing, leaving later - lonely lives, last leaving - late /
"And ever yet, why can't we wake?"

(Sigma 3)

So close now, lucidity, conformity - all we can see, cannot break free /
We let it be, society, collective personality, individuality - blurring in ambiguity /
We see the door, but we want more, forbidden lore, can't reach the shore --
--in time
--of rhyme
--no crime
--can bind
--we choose
--to lose
--the bruise
--we're fake
--can't make
--only break
--for God's sake
"And still within, why can't we wake?"

(Sigma 4)

Shifting fast, the world takes flight, --
the time has passed, and still no light. /
What once was near, now seems so far, --
we've faced our fear, it's raised the bar. /
It's so confusing, it makes no sense, --
We keep on losing, our innocence. /
-- Long lasting loss, the timeless truth
-- We're wasted wine, vapid vermouth
-- The tannin taste, forelong, forsake
-- Future foretold, t'is time to take
"When finally seized, we may then wake."


Aura 6

Aggression? Submission! The only condition --
 permission - not needed
 for warnings not heeded
 it's long been forseen
 but has not long been
-- the truth of the ways
-- the lies of our days
-- for once we obey
-- on nails we shall lay
-- our debts we'll repay
-- on that final day...
Revelation, forsaken, and none undertaken,
We break it, forsake it, and never can save it,
the future, our past, the lies - everlast
And in the forecast, our dreams -- manifest.

Idlely singing the songs of our slavery,
knowing full well, the suffering we've caused.
Aimlessly wandering through halls of our misery,
realizing at last, the truth of our past.

And in amber twilight, of fires long burning,
our lives lead toward darkness, our eternal yearning.
And what's that you say? We're drawn towards fate?
Well stop that right here, 'tis time, alliterate.

Somewhat sounding subtly sceptical, 
singing softly, silent serenades, 
so-forth summons solemn servitude,
soaking sanguine, sombre servants.

But alas, we waste time, in prose and in rhyme,
society in decline, our presence sublime.
And why? 
And why?

Why do I sit here, waiting and watching?
Why do I see this, the pain in your eyes?
Why do I not try, to change all around me?
Why am I becoming, all that I despise?
 I've loved, and I've lusted --
 I've feared, and I've felt --
 All mirrors I have busted --
 My hand has been dealt //
 In nightmares, I see you --
 In dreams, I forsake --
 If only I had you --
 If only, I'd wake. //
This time I have fallen, further than before --
I can't see the light, I can't reach the door //
I'm trapped in a prison, of my own design --
My future is clear now, the past left behind //
And why?
And why?

Bittersweet Salvation

Aura 7

(I've become lost, somewhere inside --
 In the depths myself, trying to hide //)

I don't feel the pain -- it all fades away /
with something inside, just what I can't say --
I know that I'm here -- I feel it appear /
that terror of night, the master of fear --

(Is it pain or pleasure? Taking my blood stained treasure --
 Is it heaven or hell? I watched as my angel fell //)

I smoke it all in -- see all thats within /
and in the moonlight, give in to the sin --
I became of a slave -- of my inner rage /
I can't hold on to, the diviners sage --
It takes me away -- from the words that they say /
it gives me a reason, to breakdown and pray --

  Now I know -- all of your lies
  Now I know -- whats under your disguise
  Now I know -- there's no problems you can solve
  Now I'm nothing -- my reality dissolves

(From nothing I came, to nothing I return --
 So here I'll remain, forever to burn //)

For far too long I've had no purpose --
for far too long I've just let it be /
I hold on tightly and let it go free,
Into new teritory inside me I see --

A future of glory -- of peace everlasting /
A vision of beauty, her shadow is casting --
I lose all my senses -- overwealmed by her prescence /
"I'm lost in your essence, spiritual opalescence" --

(I call out the demons, to face me alone --
 I ask of their master, whose face I have known /
 They turn from me coldly, my namesake they christen --
 The words I now speak, they stand there and listen //)

I hear her voice -- it comforts me /
there's nothing else, I really need --
"Laying here with you -- I know it's true /
 you're my salvation, my soul you renew" --

The memories of past pains -- shadows of yesterday /
I try to escape from, the prison I have made --
I am my own enemy -- I don't know why I hate /
everything I am, I've tried to obliterate --

  Now I know -- the truth will set us free
  Now I know -- if we could let it be
  Now I know -- we've gotta find our destiny
  Now I'm something -- if only I could see

(For all these years I have been looking,
 In all the wrong directions --
 All this time I've wasted seeking,
 glimpses of reflections //
 Now that I've found that which I've sought --
 I wonder why all this time I fought //
 So in the twilight, again we shall meet --
 The truth is as always, to me bittersweet //)

  Now I know -- whats behind your eyes
  Now I know -- why everything must die
  Now I know -- All that could have been
  Now I'm everything -- my destiny I've seen

(Now I'm here, I have arrived --
 I'll face my fear, on the other side //
 I know it's name, it won't attack --
 I've played this game, I won't look back //
 I find myself, in the hidden place --
 I've finished now, I've won the race //
 It's finally done, what I'd begun --
 To face the the sun, and become one //)
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