Symphonie der Dammerung

Sigma 1 - The Building of the Wall
Genesis, Enclosure, Blinded, Onward.
Sigma 2 - Breaking Free
Embrace, Arise.
Sigma 3 - Freedom Found

Sigma 1 - The Building of the Wall


Walking in the footsteps of those who built the road,
Weighed down with many burdens, so heavy is my load.
Torn away from the path by those whose hatred burns,
Forced to be in bondage to their trivial concerns.
No rights have I to speak my mind, to say the things I do,
But silence is the bitter voice chosen for me by you.
Standing in the shadows of bitter memories,
I begin to build up bricks in a wall around me.
At first it starts out small, hiding only fractions,
If only I could see it growing through all of the distractions.
Brick by brick, piece by piece,
every issue being a phenomenal increase.
Many do not notice how I'm blocking myself in,
Those who do have no idea how deadly is my sin.
But fallen from grace as Adam's curse fulfilling,
From Eden I've been cast, my empty soul lies dying.
The echoes of pain come through my soul like burning frost,
Higher yet it grows until my vision forever is lost.


Here I am alone and cold - locked within the dark abyss
My story long but seldom told - my fate sealed by a single kiss
The prison cell within my mind - I lay dying on the floor
Why was I born of accursed kind - no way out, can't find the door
Trapped within this dark abode - forever it is to be supposed
I feel like I'm going to explode - eternally I am enclosed
Waiting for the dawn to rise - a light I have not seen for years
For when it touches my blind eyes - the world shall drown in my cold tears


Twas summer whenst the thorny rose did prick the tender skin
Of darkness I do here depose, and let the sun shine in.
Of love and peace, of time and truth, of spring and blooming flowers
I stand, a watchful eye towards night, and cry in evening showers.
That I've been called, from far beyond -
To speak of truths long lost...
And of that truth, I've grown quite fond,
And will defend it at any cost.
Forbidden love beats in my heart
It sings its painful song...
And though I know that I am right -
the World tells me I'm wrong.
The road ahead await, unknown...
No light for me to see...
But the path I have been shown,
What is to Be, will Be.
Be it pain, or be it fire, be it blinded eyes
Be it till the end of time, until the chosen dies.
I have seen the future friend, and it's calling us to be
All as one, together - brought forth in Unity.
The date is set and time will tell, if the warning we did heed -
for otherwise our souls we'll sell, in our hour of greatest need.
For endless years the wall's been built, to hide you from the truth
To hide you from your fear and guilt, you took an eye for a tooth.
And so to all my brothers, sisters, to all humanity -
I pray that you break down the walls and find your destiny.


For all these years, I've walked alone;
Through all these tears, I've seen the goal;
Through all this dark, the light has shone;
A broken heart, a shattered soul;
I've built the wall, piece by piece;
From grace I fall, never to sleep;
A bitter cold, on endless lease;
My dreams I sold, silent I weap;
Onwards I lead, into the night;
So shall you head, my warning call;
The time is here, to go take flight;
To face my fear, beyond the wall.

Sigma 2 - Breaking Free


In your arms -- I feel no pain
In your arms -- I melt away
In your arms -- I find my soul
In your arms -- I become whole

So bring me with you, I won't look back
We'll leave together, escape from their attack
It seems like I've been waiting for eternity
To find you now, it's gotta be destiny

I've not known you long but I can honestly say
I don't think I've ever before felt this way
I find it real hard to express my emotions
I can't find the words, drifting on distant oceans
My mind's lost at sea, when it comes to expression
My emotional discourse is like the great depression
So here I am writing, though my grammar skills are lacking
But yet that I know it, it's still a firm backing
To say what I feel, without tangling my tongue
I'm going to let it just flow, the song of songs unsung

In your arms -- I let myself come out
In your arms -- I lose any and all doubt
In your arms -- I am safe from my worst fear
In your arms -- I just want to hold you dear

Laying next to you I feel your heartbeat
Breathing, weaving a melody so sweet
Eyes closed, but still I see your face
Arms around each other, in a warm embrace
Serenity defined, the silence could be heard
Speaking volumes to one another, without saying a word

In your arms -- I finally feel free
In your arms -- I know what life could be
In your arms -- I know that what I feel is true
In your arms -- I want to give myself to you


Destiny arises, in my absolute-
The pains of yesterday fall, silent in the truth.
Riding on the winds, in time of bitter things-
The Angel cries, in glory sings.
Of longing hearts, flowing in the rain-
Turning from the past, leaving behind the pain.

Bittersweet is the sound, of your eternal breath-
Rising up from underground, defeating even death.
Nothing can stop me now, for you have set me free-
The way is clear no matter how, the path now I can see.

No longer in a prison made, of my own ancient fear-
I think of you: my truth, my love - your voice is all I hear.
You have finally set me free, my salvation, incarnate-
No longer held in their ideals: oppression, fear and hate.
Escape from all that held me back, release from all that was-
The bricks are falling, piece by piece, and all for you, because.

In ancient songs I sing to you, feelings from the past-
While some mistakes I can't undo, your forgiveness: everlast.
So down this road of future- walk, in present's endless hall-
Of things I thought I'd never talk, keep tearing down the wall.

Sigma 3 - Freedom Found


Ecstasy in entropy -- a matter of energy-
Agony in atrophy -- create your own destiny.

The wall comes down, come gather round-
We'll watch it fall, and hear its sound.

For many years, we've all be slaves-
Of primal fears, we've now been saved.

No longer fed, the bitter lies-
We move ahead, toward open skies.

Freedom gained through perseverance,
Salvation claimed at your appearance.

Sing now short songs, but make them loud-
You've worked so long, now stand up proud!

Through the darkness, I could barely see-
I've made it here, and now I'm free.
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