Reflexion von dem unbekannten

Table of Reflections
Destiny, Redemption, Abyss, Schwarzhorizont, Siren, Prisoner, Goodbye.


Knocking on the door of time, stands destiny, but no one listens. Who should judge what doctrine is correct — what morals are just? Who will be God today? Shall it be me? Shall it be you? Destiny walks away forgotten and abandoned. For what destiny shall there be to a world who does not know who they are? A world that has forgotten everything but their own foolish notions of the truth; Not willing to hear the truth of others — or accept those who speak for them. However destiny does not give up and always returns to lead us forward. Forward to a better place, a place where peace is more than an ideal — a place where we can finally be together, equal and free. The door will not open, for standing on the other side is the hand of society. The foundations of society being built upon an establishment of absolute power; An establishment that whispers dark lies into the minds of the people — making them fear inexistent enemies, turning the innocent into scapegoats. Scapegoats used as cannon fodder — to keep the collective minds from realizing their oppression. When shall we be free? When shall oppression end? Destiny is knocking but will not get through — until it is time to kick down the door.


Her brilliance washes over me like a shower of sunlight — cleansing away all the dark stains of the past, purifying my soul for the company of her presence. Her beauty is unfathomable, reaching out beyond the stars grasping the very essence of the universe. In her I see that which in myself was lost long ago. The corruption of time has not yet touched her — her beauty emulsified in her innocence. For all my sins hiding in the darkness, her light purges them from the shadows of my soul. The mystery of her magick — the secret of her power, to be revealed would only prove that which no one wants to know — and so remains unknown to all — a secret for all of time to keep. In her I see perfection — the truth destroys the lies. Others they don't understand, they just can't see what's real. They make up explanations to keep the world enslaved — but none of it means anything, just useless dead deception, it's only purpose simply that — to cause misunderstanding. I look into her eyes and all else disappears, nothing else really matters but her warmth and comfort. A smile that melts my soul and laughter that breaks through my protective shell. My love for her is absolute. Freeing my spirit from the bondage of my secret curse — I give it all, my heart, my life, I am hers forever — she is my redemption.


Whispering into the empty night I stare across a sea of mourning, waiting for an answer that has been lost in endless silence. Forgotten by a dying world, abandoned eternally in the absence of companionship — drowning in the ocean of solitude. I fall into the abyss of endless darkness — alone and afraid of being that which I am not. Here in the lonely place I stare out into the dark void seeing only reflections of myself. Absence from beauty draws me into my inner world, where I'm warm and safe from that which would harm me. Wishing for more — longing for love, hoping for companionship. Empty hopes, shattered dreams, my life is but a shallow husk of what I am — what I should be. Pain beyond what words can describe — agony absolute, this is what I have been imprisoned in — this is where I am — this is what I am. Apathy and empathy — they are my mottos now, my creed is simple — misery drags me down into the dark depths of depression. Falling further downwards I hit a ledge, not much but a foot hold. I look up and though dim I still see a faint glimmer of light. Beginning my ascension, the climb is hard — but still I go on, knowing that I was not meant for this place — was not meant for this pain. Upwards I stare, seeing the light, it seems so far — but knowing that the time of dark cannot last forever, painfully I continue, not knowing my destination but going onwards towards whatever awaits me in the great unknown.


Anguish beyond understanding surrounds me
Abysmal despair brought forth upon the absolute
I succumb to its lethal grasp, unable to break free
Burdened by the sins of others as well as my own
I have been blinded by pain - Hope I cannot see
My vision has been stolen; I am lost in the darkness
Everything that could have been, now will never be
Here I stand, afraid and alone, abandoned by the world
Stranded in a strange dark place, adrift upon a lonely sea
The burning fires of hopelessness leave me blackened
I am here, have never left, my only friend is agony
Time and space are nothing more than empty words
To them I am but one lost soul, for me there's no pity
Attempts to escape from this cage are futile
With no way out I am stuck, there is no recovery
My mind is gone, my spirit broken, I am dead inside
I cannot help but think that this was just my destiny
I look up at the horizon, and black is all that's left
I guess I will be staring forward, trapped for eternity


In your shadow I stand, silently in awe. Your radiance shines like the brightest star, I am blinded by your beauty. Your voice is like a Siren's Song, it washes all my pain away. The enchantment of the song does flow, it fills me with your magick. I feel myself lost in your spell, reality seems paled and bland. If only I could speak to you, but silence is my only voice. If I could tell you the truth, but nothing I could say would do. Beyond all words is how I feel, beyond the world, beyond it all. In this lonely place I sit, wishing I could only tell. Destiny has forsaken me, in you I can only ever dream. You are as a precious jewel, shining in a world so dark. Bringing light upon the Earth, bringing light upon my heart. In a world filled with many souls, mine's in the dark and so grows cold. Your brilliance pierces through all darkness, it melts through even the coldest ice. It rains down on parched earth of drought, it brings to life the long dead ground. Your presence shatters great stone walls, it free's me from my prison cell. Yet still alone I sit and wonder, if ever I could even tell; Of how you make me feel inside, of how you set me free from Hell. One day perhaps, I'll lose my chains, I'll find my voice and with it tell; One day perhaps, I'll let you know, of how you have me under your spell.


To hear the words, to see the acts, to understand the truth. I am finally free at last, no more a prisoner of my fear. I hear her voice, it calls to me, it echoes in my dreams. No distance can keep us apart, friendship shall reign supreme. Yes I have walked alone so long, afraid to be myself. And through it all, I've died inside, and now am finally there. Not afraid, not alone, not one of the living dead. I am here, I am free, I have escaped from eternal dread. Her beauty as a distant force, still keeps me on the path. As long as I shall walk this Earth, I shall forget not all that's past. The Angel is as beauty embodied, the concept made manifest. Her power flows through all that's good, and makes me remember that which lasts. Never forgetting the one who freed me, freed me of my pain. Never forgetting the one who gave me, reason for going on. So here I stand, alive and True, invulnerable to smite. And nothing else can stop us now, the future is ours to write.


And so I'm here, I'm finally free.
I could never tell her how I felt.
With all that was, it could never be.
I guess that's just how the cards were dealt.
Accepting my lonliness, I've known it all along.
Accepting my emptiness, I write this final song.
A closing of a chapter in, my cold and dark filled life,
I wander through dark paths again, once more I'm faced with strife.
What could have been, I'll never know, I wish it was for not.
But I have known, all along, what impossible dreams I sought.
And so I wait, alone and scared, walking empty streets.
A city bare, nothing to see, I know my path is blind.
Wandering through this bleak wasteland, wondering what I seek.
Never knowing, not even caring, what I may just find.
For far too long, I've chained myself, knowing all the while.
Now I have just let it go, accepted the truth - denial.
Denial of my fantasies, denial of my dream world bliss.
Letting go of what I see, letting go of what I missed.
I know in my heart, I'll still see her face,
That nothing can ever take her place.
But friendship knows, and never dies,
and with it I can face my lies.
I wanted more than I could ever have,
I wanted that which was never there.
I made her into but a golden calf,
That secret was my cross to bear.
Now alone, faced with myself, I do not shelter any doubts.
I've let myself fall down this path, and now I must accept it's wrath.
Wondering if I'll ever know, that love I sought, was it not so?
I cannot say, I will not guess, how I shall ever escape this mess.
But truth be but just the first step, and so I make it, one by two.
So with this I shall start again, though never shall I forget you.

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