Zwischen Dunkelheit und Licht

Table of Truth
Return, Solitude, Hollow, Consumed,
Stand, Between, Closer, Beyond,
Mirror, Love, Shard, Explosion.


A purity of thought, a purity of soul. Away from the troubles of the world. In a peaceful serenity that could only be truth from the heart. The world from child's eyes seen in it's beauty and intrigue. Without stain or sin, pure and untouched. A world left behind in the transit of society. Forgotten for the rushed and uncaring life that comes with maturity. Left behind are the things that make us who we are. Singular thought in a lake of shattered crystal. Waves of light ebbing throughout our souls. The spirit burning within us is quenched by the cold harsh reality around us. But somewhere deep within us embers still burn. Waiting to be ignited again. To blaze in our eternal youth. Separated from the world that separates us. A peaceful breeze blows through us, like cosmic light shining though a crystal glass, refracting it's magnificence in a brilliant spectrum of living colours. Alive with beauty, saturated with innocence, surrounded by eternal serenity. To regain what was lost. To return to the place where truth is life. To see life through the eyes of a child.


Alone? Can we ever truly be alone? Magnitudes of souls, each consumed in the flames of eternity, separated from the truth and from themselves. The endless blanket of silence surrounding humanity feeds itself from the emptiness within us. The lack of hope and vision guides us into oblivion. Though there may be thousands standing, alone are all in the darkness of infinity. Why does solitude strangle us like rose vines filled with thorns? Together as one we could stand. Forever equal and free. Never alone. Why are we alone when we are surrounded by so many?


Empty words, meaningless and hollow; spoken by the world, worthless and destructive. Leaving souls abandoned, lives hopeless. All is lost in the clouds of confusion. A world gone wrong in a time which has lost itself. How do you stop the enemy within? Words spoken to heal and change, ignored by those blind to it's truth. Not able to accept that which is, alone and afraid they block out anything foreign to them. They listen only to those who speak what they already believe; reinforcing their doctrines as though society itself had become their God. Chosen are those who listen, those who are fluid and can accept that which they do not understand. For understanding begins with acceptance, which strengthens the bonds between people, bringing all together as one. Open your ears, open your eyes, and open your mind. Listen, learn and begin to understand. Follow no longer those whose words are empty and hollow.


Beauty embodied she stands. Her tender skin is like fine silk, her eyes like fire engulfing my soul in flames of love. Her presence saturates the entirety of my existence, penetrating deep into my long forgotten heart, resurrecting it from it's cold dead sleep into a brilliant fury of warmth and emotion. Overwhelming my senses I am carried beyond return to that place where I am consumed by her hungry spirit. Never again shall she hunger or need, forever hers I have become. Casting all questions and cares to the wind, risking it all, my life no longer my own; she is my heart, breathing life into me once more when I was dead. A chance once more I have, but time is not forever. Mortal and finite, I know that eternity is not mine to play with, so I shall soak in her warmth every moment of the time I have. For while life is short, love is forever.


In shadows I stand. Between darkness and light. Standing firm, unmovable. Standing for justice and truth. Here I stand, and here I stay, until the truth is heard by all. Justice complete, without trial or judgement. Absolute truth, no deception or lies. This is where the line is drawn, no more shall the corruption spread, no more shall lives be ruined, souls destroyed. I draw the line, and stand my ground. No exceptions allowed, I will not move. This is my place, and this is our time. Time for truth, time for freedom. Freedom to be who we are, freedom to bring out the potential we have. In shadows I stand, a twilight void. The truth is on it's way, breaking through the barriers built up around us. Here I will remain, finally making my stand.


Between Darkness and Light, Good and Evil, waiting in the infinite silence, mourning for a dying world whose last breaths breath life into my empty soul, igniting the flames of eternity; I listen; I look; I love; I fear. Consumed by the fires of truth, and entombed in the casket of what could be. The embodiment of purity and justice, waiting for it's release by the burning of my innocence in the furnace of judgement. Rising from the ashes of damnation into the glory of the divine. What was wrong made right. What was fear made courage. What was death made life. The cycle continues, an endless force, a dangerous course, an unfathomable source. The truth will stand for itself, between the darkness and light.


Walking in the streets of the city, wondering what's on the minds of the people. Seeing the pain in their eyes. Feeling the ache of a broken world. Forgetting it all in a blur of nirvana. Leaving behind the shattered existence that splits me into shards of pathos. The nihilistic feelings of brooding Armageddon lost in the warm glow of peace. Feeling the breath of God refreshing my spirit; Knowing what was and feeling myself coming closer to what is and what is to be. Becoming one with the world, and finally seeing it through divine eyes. Knowing the truth that evades us all. Evading even those who walk in the light. But of all who tread that hard road, how many stay true to the path not straying for their own whims and gain? Is this the way of the truth? Are we to be consumed by selfish ambitions or destroyed in a chaotic blaze of self misleading variants of what glimmer of truth we have seen? Take a look through the eyes of another. Walk in the shoes of a stranger, until you realize that you do not know who you are. For those who cannot be siblings to all, can never know themselves.


On twice traveled roads the journey no less time takes. Seeming to be shorter each time traveled, only the passage over well known road is to blame. But a destination is unreachable when in circles you go. Decisions undecided, choices unchosen. Forever going nowhere, forever lost in the place you know best. Avoiding the stones and sticks, staying on the narrow path. Never exploring, never discovering, never growing. An mindless world of cold heartless logic. Creative thought made obsolete by the more effective measures of oppression and common belief. Going on and on, ending where you started and never going anywhere. To turn from the path, turn to where there is no road, to walk away beyond the world into the truth. To leave behind the simple road of fear and confinement and to break free into the vastness of life. Living life to it's fullest, experiencing that which you never imagined. Exploring and discovering, and ending up back where you began and finally knowing where you are.


I wake up in the mornings, raise myself from peaceful slumber, wondering why the waking world beckons me into it's presence. To shower I head and soak myself in the hot steaming spray. Awake and alive, blood flowing through my veins, heart beating wildly. I look. Looking into the mirror. Seeing a face that is foreign to me. Not knowing who I am looking at I gaze longer into the reflection. Further and further in, reaching into the depths of my consciousness. Finally realizing that while I struggle to know who I see in the mirror, others do not see what I am looking at. They do not see that face. A mask I wear, never revealing the truth. Never exposing myself to the world in which my damnation is spent. A mask for every occasion. One for every day of the week, every person I know, every feeling, every circumstance. Wearing the masks so long, I have forgotten who I am. The face is the mirror looks back at me, saddened, guilty. I have created my own hell. Damned eternally to walk this earth in the shadows of what could be. In the shade forever.


Observing the magnificent beauty of the natural form. Innocence and purity unleashed in brilliance unrivaled by any other. Like silk is her hair, like glittering emeralds her eyes. Skin like satin glowing with the warmth of passion. Total consumption of my soul by the fires of Love absolute. Fear and pain are gone as I gaze into her eyes hypnotized by the splendor of her inner magick. Untouched by the corruption of the world, majestic and mystical, the truth stands in her shadow. Should we all take example, become like the innocent, cast off our world and forget what we have learned of hate and war. She talks to me silently the words echoing like raindrops in a well. A hidden knowledge she has, of things that we have forgotten, things that we have left behind. Opening the doors to places we dare not go, for fear that we will lose ourselves and our world. I follow her beyond the threshold of the gate, into the realm of the unknown world awaiting us all. Here we sit waiting for you to come to this place and leave behind what you have now and return to what you left behind in a time and place long lost. A symphony of silence she sings to me, in quiet solitude I sit watching, hoping, loving.


I am empty. This shallow life reverberates in it's hollow existence. I feel myself falling apart, the pieces shattering against the cold glass floor. I am seen by all. Transparent I have become. My soul is like water, flowing in ways I do not understand. Into a looking glass I peer, seeing only an empty reflection of the past. The pieces fall into the unseen future, separate and lost in the anarchy of time. Split into a thousand shards of confusion I walk down narrow corridors into abandoned places. Understanding I have not found, peace and tranquility are forgotten as the turmoil of reality surrounds me. What chaos have we formed? What place is this we live in? I look around and do not recognize anything. Familiar faces are gone, things known have vanished. Replaced instead with the terror of what has always been. A society of darkness. Light vanquished by the blind. For without sight light has been forgotten. Eyes welded shut by vanity and hatred. Oppression the only expression. Is this where we belong? A world of empty hearts and closed minds. This is my nightmare that I have awoken to... unable to ever sleep again. Piece after piece falls into the darkness, leaving light behind for the cold black dark that consumes us all. The last stabbing of brightness shines as the last breath of hope. I grasp it with all that is left, and hold firm. Should others grab also the hole would widen, the light could return. Once again the balance could be maintained. However on a thread I waiver, waiting for those who see the light and will fight to keep it from being blocked out forever. Waiting for the time when I can dream once again.


The explosion in my mind is releasing my fury! No more will I sit back watching the worlds of empty heartless souls fall through the cracks. No more shall I allow the death of innocence. No longer shall the fires of society's hate be fed the firewood of my fallen family. Brothers and sisters in the abandoned places we have become. Escape from your world the goal. Not feeling the hate, not feeding the anger. The cracking whips of painful admission break my heart into pieces. But still I stand. The deadly poison of fear I drink. But still I stand. I will not fall! I will not submit! I will not compromise! Beyond the point from where I can return I have traveled, and now it's time to seek out destiny and fulfill prophecy. Beyond the edges of the universe into the subconscious world outside I have come, to ready myself for the war ahead. Longer is the path and lonely too as few have the courage to come down it also. Erupting in molten thought my mind pours forth the truth like water from a fountain. Those who wait, those who listen, those who understand. They are the silent army. We are the silent society. We are those who stand between darkness and light. Silence entombs our world like a blanket of secrecy. But now I walk on the path towards the light. Walk with me?

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