Speicher von dem Letzten

Table of Memories
Silver Tides, The Storm, Light, Darkness.
Time, Misty Winds, Forever Pain, Twilight.

Note: All of these poems were written between 1991 and 1993. So they may have poor spelling and grammar. I was only 12 in 1991. Oh so long ago. No corrections or editing has been done.

Silver Tides

The water glistened, reflected, It's Power was seen by all,
The little waves splashed and vanished, The people heard the call.
The silver tides came in again and filled the peoples souls,
The sight of such pureness filled them with heat as like hot coals.
The power of the silver tides it made them feel like clouds,
Floating high above the sky where things where not so loud.
The silver tides receded and the people went back to norm,
Dark clouds came in and the wind picked up and it began to storm.
The water glistened, reflected, The rain came down like pure light,
The people went inside to look, Silently, Watching the night.

The Storm

The wind was strong and fierce, Trees bent with it's power,
The clouds blew in black and evil, then it began to shower.
The storm blew on, The silver tides rippled with it's force,
From way beyond the horizon light was on it's course.
But darkness made a blocking shield and wouldn't let it come,
The storm attacked, banishing the light to where it was from.
Now the power of the storm had gripped the world with fear,
The time for the take over was getting rather near,
Then out of the black cold night a loud sound all could hear,
Light returned, strong as life and sent storm far from here.


Brightness surrounds you, warmth engulves you, the light,
In your soul feelings of peace fill you and change at night.
No taste and no smell no description to tell it's power is this,
Your mind is released to flow freely, it's a power not to miss.
When you feel it you know it, should you look, it will show it.
Brightness surrounds you, it fades and you leave, the light,
You go in your house now it's time to enjoy, the night.


In solitude there you lie, you stare up at the clear night sky,
The stars are bright, awesome, to see more you have to try.
You stare up and a sadness fills you, then you begin to cry,
For no known reason there is a sadness way up in the sky.
You want to be part of this powerful scene then you realize you already
are, You stay there a while then you see it, a wondrous falling star.
You get up slowly and enter your home, you family sleeping so peaceful.
You get into you bed and pull up the sheets, this night has been so meaningful.


What is time but nothingness, It floods you mind with quite a mess,
Trying hard to figure out, what could time be about,
Trying to hold it as it goes by, You can't do it and then pow you die,
Time is not a thing to see, but instead you must let it be,
You can't grasp on to it to give, so you must use it to live.
Let each day have their surprizes, each one will have different sizes,
Grasp what comes from each new bend, And live like this until the end.

Misty Wind

Like silver tides are misty winds and blow yes do they blow,
power stronger than night and day like silver tides that flow.
They fill your heart with passion and fill your soul with love,
they fill your mind with peacefulness as great as that the dove.
Misty wind is blowing, the second power strong,
it's sound will be heard forever, in this eternal song.

Forever Pain

What is the awful sickness that causes us to cry in vain,
it's a very great destructive power it's called eternal pain.
This power's only purpose is to block out normal healing,
it causes terrible mourning that the devil is personally dealing.
The unfair fact is his deck is stacked all in his best favor,
but if your hand, your will is strong, his hand the pain is tamer,
With your will the pain should cease and forever shall be done,
forever pain has vanished and the battle has been won.


The time between day and dark or might be dark and day,
the power that's in this special time is as true as what I say.
While reality should always be, sometimes it just is not,
and twilight is one of those times, should one have ever sought.
Through this strange and eerie time anything can show,
The silver tides could ripple or the misty winds not blow.
The next time twilight comes around remember what is true,
the power of the other worlds might somehow show right through.

The Horizon

The silence of the twilight brough forth a feeling of security. Now was the time to do it, quickly before anyone else came the walk must be fast and the concentration overbearing. Walking towards the horizon and getting closer, an impossibility durring the day and night, while thought still reign. Now with concetration fixed on seeing everything at once no thoughts of reality fill the mind. As the horizon gets closer and then standing on the edge of the world. Now the gateway into another world is opened To step forward off horizon and into the unexplored world that stretches out beyond it. This is the ultimate adventure, this is the place to explore. People talk about the vastness of outer space and what exists out there. Why go exploring the vastness of the universe when all we know is one perspective of the universe. It's time to go beyond the horizon, not into outerspace or over into the country side but beyond a barrior that is not easily broken into the realm that exists all the time but is never seen. Now is that time, taking the final step past the horizon and into the unknown.

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