Well, last year was quite a year. I'm sure you could probably tell based on how many updates this site got in it. However, I'm back, and it's time to review what made it such an interesting time. If you're interested, read on. Otherwise, click here to view something more interesting.

Well, it started in Feb, when I met Nancy. After our first meeting, I knew I was hooked. Screw drugs, she's far more euphoric (and addicting).

Well, things advanced, and by Fathers Day, I announced to my parents that I'd be a father myself come Feb. 2007. Yes, you heard correctly, I'm gonna be a Dad. :-D

Despite a case of pontiac fever, followed by a 2 month viral meningitis in the summer months, I managed to get by mostly unscathed. Nancy however had a car accident, then in an unrelated incident had her appendix removed due to severe abdominal pains. She still has the scar, whereas my 'summer fun' left no visible marks, and little damage to my brain. Well, other than the aliens that now live in my head -- oh wait, I'm not supposed to talk about them.

So anyway, in September Nancy moved in with me, along with Max, who's a Maltese (small in stature, huge in personality). Although he's usually well behaved, Max goes though some weird psycho-moments, which sometimes makes me think he might work for the aliens.

So anyway, fast forward to January 2007, and I've finally gotten around to updating my web page. Hurray hurrah, I'm sure there's more I could say, but I'll get along to that in time.

Hopefully I'll be updating a bit more frequently, although the content will be split between here, and my family-friendly blog which I linked to at the top (yeah, that link - prime.totten.ca). With that in mind, expect this page to be mostly the crazy stuff. Which in my life generally makes up 50% or higher ;-)

Until later--


Jan 05, 2007
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Jan 05, 2007
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