me on a bad day

This is going to be a bloody short update. A bloody short update indeed. It's actually December 2nd... I'm a little late for my usual October 31st update... and it was a bloody BLUE MOON this year as well.

Sitting at home sipping absinthe to the light of a black candle while listening to Type O Negative's All Hallows Eve may have been interesting, but it surely wasn't up to some of the excitement of the past. Of course, I'm going to go into way further details of why this came to be, but for that you will have to wait.

I'm too lazy to even do up the screwy colours and font sizes for this one... maybe next year.

me on a good day


Dec 02, 2001
Last update prior to importation to GreyNoise.
Dec 02, 2001
Initial version.