You know at one time I thought maybe, just maybe there was a chance for this world. Now I am having great doubts about that. Do-gooder groups from hell who think they are doing the will of God by spreading hate and fear, oppressive governments who try to fix the world by making laws to take away people's freedom, it goes on and on.

What the hell are you supposed to do to fix this fucked up world? Nothing. That's what they tell us, that there is nothing we can do about it. Okay by that opinion lets just wait for a big fucking meteor to blow up the whole planet, killing the entire human race - then we'll be better off! Think about it, no more unwarranted fear of the unknown, no hatred or anger stemming from that fear - no fucking losers who think they are really something by trying to destroy the last vestige of freedom left. Well to hell with you all! When you're flesh is scorching, your blood boiling, your hair burning, your eyes and fatty tissues beginning to spatter and melt - and when you look up at the devil and ask him "Why? Why am I here instead of Heaven?" he will answer, "Because your heart was filled with oppression and hate." And you will suffer an eternity of agony beyond description.

You ask me why I care? Why I seem to actually give a shit about Unity, Equality and Freedom while the rest of the world decays into it's own feces? Well it's because I believe. I believe that we should all work together as one, with no divisions or nationalities. Because I believe that we are all equal no matter our own personal attributes. I believe that we should be free to be who we are and free to make our own decisions, free to speak our own minds, free to express our own beliefs, and free to live in this world. I believe that together we can make a difference, that we can build up the broken walls of our crumbling world, that we can heal the wounds of a dying people, that we can change the world forever and guarantee that Unity, Equality and Freedom become the underlying principles that form our entire society.

Of course that's all a pipe dream, there's only one of me promoting unity, equality and freedom against a world of hatred, fear and oppression. A world of morons who think they know what's best for everyone, who think they are the hands and voice of God on Earth. Well let me tell you what they really are... they are the stupidest bunch of assholes to ever emerge from the depths of the abyss! They are the gutter sludge that burbled up from the sewer during the floods of truth, they are here to stop the truth and to continue assisting in the ongoing oppression of the not so silent establishment. They are the spawn of Satan and they are the reason our world is going to Hell.

As I sit here in the dark prison of my own mind, looking out at the world I once saw so much hope for, now all I see is a bleak, barren landscape, filled with refuge and filth. Bodies upon bodies are piled up in mass graves with greasy black smoke rising from the flames that consume their rotting corpses. Every city lies in ruins; ashes of a once glorious world have risen into the darkened sky and blotted out the warm life-giving rays from the son. Reddish brown water flows in what once were great rivers, but there is no one here to shed a tear for our lost world - no one left to begin to pick up the pieces and put them back together.

A glimmer of hope to escape from the vision I have seen exists yet. The Internet while having succumbed to the forces of oppression only lies in its infancy. Little is known about how far the evolution of this medium may go, but it is known that the traditional Internet places such as the web are no longer protected by the guardians of freedom. However in the midst of the chaos comes a true anarchy, a final glittering sparkle of hope. A place where people are free, and the mere attempt to stop that freedom result in its propagation. Where should you try to destroy information, the proliferation of that information would make it nearly impossible to track or stop. Where anyone can post without money or power and all can read without fear of retaliation. It is the perfect medium for the task ahead as those who fight for the truth - those who fight for the principles of peace: Unity, Equality and Freedom - those who shall strive towards our goal, strive towards global enlightenment, hoping only that we are not too late to prevent global obliteration.


Jun 22, 2001
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Jun 22, 2001
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