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You know what? Sometimes life just kicks you in the ass, makes you tumble down a flight of stairs, crack your head open on the floor and lie there bleeding to death in a hailstorm. Other times it doesn't.

Right now is one of those other times.

So yesterday was All Hallows Eve, the great Samhein, the pinnical of my dark existence.
It was just another day. Yeah, that's right. All the work up - two years since my first Samhein report on Huri|Net (and yes, I will find that bloody update and put it back on here someday), and one full year since the great S4 event - And it was just another day.

So I find out that not everything's smooth in the land of Oz. Gee, big surprise. And I discover that I'm in a worse financial prediciment than I had originally thought... oh well, shit happens. So discovering that my personal debt is starting to look like the Canadian Government's... and that it's not getting any better soon, well to Hell with it.

No, that's not what bothered me about yesterday. What bothered me was the plain and simple lack of excitement. Sure, I wore all black. But hell, I do that everyday anyway. Damn it. Oh well, I guess not every day is Halloween. Wait a bloody minute, Yesterday WAS Halloween. Shit.

Okay so I'm a little disappointed that maybe the world didn't suddenly explode, or an army of undead warriors didn't tear out of the ground slaughtering millions. I'm a little dissapointed that a fatal airborn disease didn't wipe out the majority of the planet only for the few survivors to discover they were being drawn together by two distinct forces - preparing for the final war of good versus evil. I'm kinda disapointed at the fact that both US Presidential candidates didn't get sucked into a vortex and somebody intelligent took their place. All in all I'm just kinda disapointed that nothing terribly exciting happened.

Oh well there's always next year.

ps, if you're wondering about why the pictures for this update are the same as the last halloween entry, i'll put it to you straight. this halloween didn't have enough excitement to warrent new pics. like i said abouve - there's always next year.

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Nov 01, 2000
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Nov 01, 2000
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