Right now I'm confused. Really confused. A bit stressed out, a little frustrated, but really really confused.

Maybe that's just me. Who knows. I wake up in the morning confused, work all day confused, watch tv confused, go to bed confused, and dream confusing dreams. If life was any more confusing it might just make sense. Oh well these things can be dealt with. Read thoughts(8) to find out just what I feel about times like this. You gotta just get up, wake up, and realize that maybe, just maybe, things aren't always the way you want them. There are a lot of people around here to strive to be more like me. This in itself is a good thing, but there are those who are going too far, those who actually want to be exactly like me. While this is quite flattering to me, they really don't know just what they are in for. Sure they all want the good attributes, you know: my beliefs, my ideas, my open-mindedness, my computer skills, my acting abilities, my musical talent, etc. But are they ready for some of the drawbacks? you know: my frustration, my laziness, my constant jabbering, my intollerable inability to stop moving (tapping fingers, crossing legs, tapping feet, pacing back and forth, more tapping of fingers, and on and on,) my overweighted ego and overinflated pride, etc. And then are they ready for the real problems, you might not want to ever see this side of me: my temper, my mental instability, my inability to concentrate for long periods of time (attention deficiet disorder,) my anger, my strange behavioural patters, etc. I think when you weight it down, people might want to think twice before wanting to be me. Hey, being more like me is okay, as long as you're only drawing from the positive side of me. Nobody in their right (or left) mind would want to be me, cause I'm the only person who can put up with myself. You've gotta tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.See ya on the flip side.


Sep 20, 1998
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Sep 20, 1998
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