life sucks. life is a fucking bitch, and then you just plain DIE! why do i even bother going on? my life is a living hell. i'm thosands of dollars in debt, my car is gone and i got dick fucking all out of it after putting over into it, my bike is dying, my insurance has run out and i've been charged a fine for having a car accident. i havn't been payed in three weeks (i would complain to the labor center but they are all a bunch of dick heads), i got last month, and half of that went directly to rent, which left me with for the whole month. Now it's next month and I've got all of left and I need to buy insurance (), and pay my fine (), and get my car fixed (), and pay my rent (), and pay off that I owe to someone else! I just don't think I'm going to make it. Hey I thought minimum wage meant, you have to pay at least that? Oh well I guess if I can get away with being paied half of minimum wage, that means I can get away with going twice the speed limit too. i am truly going insane. i've finally crossed the limit between being "different" and being completely irrecoverably "fucked". does anyone have a pill that I can take and never wake up? i would be better off that way. the world would be better off without me. if this is the last update on hurinet, then you know why. talk to you later (if there is a later).
Note: I self censored this one a few hours after writing it cause a lot of the crap in it was just going overboard and made it sound like a hate/suicide letter.
Update: On October 27th 2003, I decided that after this long, this old post deserved to be uncensored, for the whole world to see. I may not be proud of some of the things I said, but I've now made the formerly "cut out" pieces of this letter into just a different colored text so you can see what I previously had decided to remove from it. Enjoy. Hopefully there will never be another letter like this ever posted on this site again. -Huri.
if you know html you can read the uncensored version (no longer exists, it's all uncensored)


Jun 02, 1998
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Jun 02, 1998
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