My Dad was a strong man. A funny man. A firey-tempered man. A man who could laugh. A man who could cry. A man who could whisper. A man who could yell. A man who could teach. A man who could love.

He really knew how to live, and live he did. In 78 years, he experienced more than some people could in 200 years. He remembered the end of the Second World War. He remembered Kennedy. He watched the first man land on the moon. He witnessed the dawning of the Information Age.

From slide-rules to cell phones to personal computers, he worked with and embraced all of the tools, new and old. Prospecting, logging, welding, construction, blasting, driving, investing, and nearly everything in between. From a pilot to a labourer to management, he had a firm voice, a strong will, and an aura of authority.

He also had a green thumb, and loved nature. His yard (and house) were filled with tomatoes and flowers. He fed the birds, and spoke to (and understood) cats and dogs.

He helped build many of the roads in British Columbia, and worked on many jobs all across our vast country. I remember the many road-trips that I took with my Dad. I saw a lot of BC, and much of Alberta and Saskatchewan. He would always point out all of the great sights and signs of nature along the way.

He loved poetry, the super-natural and mysteries. Most of all, he loved his family and friends.

We love him back, and will never let his memory be forgotten.

I love you Dad.

Harry Totten: May 3rd, 1931 - September 11th, 2009.


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