At least at one point in our lives we'll be at a stage where life sucks, and we feel we'd be better off without it. Fortunately we usually realize sometime later that the former conclusion is completely illogical and we decide perhaps we'll just work on looking forward to a better day tomorrow.

Unfortunate are those who instead convince themselves that they truly would be better off without it, because once they have taken it away, they can't change their minds. Which is usually what they would have done, if they had only spent a bit more time thinking about it. Oh well, that's life.

As for myself, I get into a downhill rut every once in a while, but in my case I have a specific way of cheering myself up. I write. Yes, while I'm feeling down and depressed I just let my creative juices flow and get it all out. Once it's out, I'm fine again - onto the next thing.

Of course I don't expect this to be the cure-all solution that will work for everyone, but there has to be that one thing that people can do to let out the pressure. For me it's writing, but for you it may be singing, or walking or just going out and enjoying nature - which is actually one of my other favorite ways of dealing with stress.

Anyway, this being somewhat of a serious type update is not going to get the usual funky formatting, sorry to disappoint anyone who was waiting for that. Just stay tuned for the next update, which hopefully will be a bit more like my usual insane self.

Have a great day.


May 10, 2002
Last update prior to importation to GreyNoise.
May 10, 2002
Initial version.