My name is You. I am a human being. We're all human beings. Humanity is a beautiful work of art. The individuality of people, the magical differences that make us unique. That is what humanity is all about.

Unfortunately, we live in a two faced society. A society which on the outside talks about equality and accepting the unique qualities of all people, but on the inside has more accepted oppression every day than what any dictatorship has ever managed to apply.

For many years, I've been working to fight the disinformation that is being pumped into society by the media and the government in the form of carefully crafted agitprop. It is not an easy task, but it is an important one.

In my mission, I've come across people of all walks of life. I've helped people that most of you and your society would not only abandon, but worse, oppress and fear for being 'different' than yourselves.

I'm not afraid of individuality. I'm not afraid of uniqueness. Your society of fear leads you to hate, hatred fueling only oppression. I've spoken of this on many occasions, I've gained only flaming response.

I've met many people, I've witnessed silent revolutions come and go, mostly dying out because of the overwealming grip the Establishment has over Society. I've seen many become martyrs to their causes, the media, like flies around the corpse, laying eggs to rot and destroy whatever may be left of the movement.

Above all, I've worked towards the betterment of society, although it has been a futile effort. Society corrupts and ruins itself dispite all of the people who would help it. It is sad, but true.

When it all comes down to the simple truth, there is only one truth. Our distinctive qualities and unique attributes are what makes us human. We are all human. I am human, you are Human, Your name is Me.


Jun 22, 2001
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Jun 22, 2001
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