ah, life, how refreshing. always good for you to take a nice cold shower sometimes. but sometimes life is like a good cold shower, it wakes you up, slaps you in the face, kicks you in the head, then laughs at you while you stare at the simplicity of the situation. now isn't that what you can refreshing?

ahhhhhhhh. after a nice cold shower like that you dont mind so much when your standing out in the rain in all silk clothing looking up at the sky and watching the rain drops collect into puddles of murky water, glistening on the grass like diamonds in an emerald forest. where there is hatred, bring out love. where there is pain, bring out joy. where there is sorrow, bring out happiness. where there is anger, bring out calm. where there is others, bring out self. where there is self, bring out cooperationg. where there is confusion, bring out enlightenment. where there is death, bring out life.
for all the evil in the world there is also good. don't let the evil drag you down, because you can soar righer on the good. don't let the negative overcome you because the positive can build stronger foundations. with that in mind i leave you. wondering. silently.


Sep 20, 1998
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Sep 20, 1998
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