Life it great. I enjoy being 19 now. When things seem at their worst, it means they can only get better. When your at the bottom of a hill you can't go down any furthur, you can only go up.

Well I am on the way up. Now I just need some money to pay off my debts and I'll be fine. :) My life is actually pretty good. I've got a job, it doesn't pay very much but it is excellent experience, and it lets me do what I am best at. It will go up. I am signing up to a program that will pay me to be a Community Internet Specialist. I will do work for the community on the internet. Hey I can handle that. What do you think the Salmo Homepage was? (they still havn't updated that page in 2 years!) I like working for the community, and when it has something to do with the internet, I really like it. Plus it means I will actually get some money! Can you belive it? Real Money! Not much, but hey, every cent counts. Plus with more people looking towards the internet as a source of commerce I can see this job going up in the next year or two. I still gotta get a vehicle too! After the ultimate destruction of my car all I have left is my other car (with no brakes) and my Motorcycle (which is dying fast...) So I gotta get me something soon. Something cheap, but good. If any of you rich guys out there wanna donate a small portion of your multimillion dollar bank accounts, it would really help. My bank account doesn't even have in it right now! I wish Bill Gates would give me a billion dollars just for a gift. That would be cool. How about we all e-mail Bill and get him to send me a whole bunch of money just for being me. :)


Jun 23, 1998
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Jun 23, 1998
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