HELL!! there is not much more to describe it. our company moved. things got better. things got worse. much faster. many problems.

hundreds of phone calls. thousands of phone calls. non-stop phone calls. life was not good. headache. internic f*cked up. huri.net and all of our domains went POOF! the juicy cerebellum vanished. people got mad at Alex. Hell. People got mad at me. Hell. fone company f*cked up on so many things it aint funny. only half of lines worked. no-one from trail could get thru. and more and more coming out of BC tel's ass like exlax induced diarea. old crummy modems don't like new digital portmaster. i don't think livingston is about to compensate to a couple of people with shitty modems. one user quit. that's her problem. now she can deal with the really shitty service, our competition. Hell. our users dont know anything about the internet. I ask them what e-mail program they are using, they said they were using our service. I asked them again, what program are you using. they said windows '95. I specificly asked them what program they use to get their e-mail. they didn't know. *if you get your e-mail every damn day, how could you not know what program you get it with?!?* oh well. now I am going to give the users a twelve step tutorial on how to fix a buggy computer.
step #1, turn on your computer.
step #2, at a DOS or Unix command line type - "fdisk", remove all hard drive partitions.
step #3, turn off computer.
step #4, wrap your RAM and processor in tin foil.
step #5, urinate on motherboard.
step #6, wrap copper wire around all extention cards in computer.
step #7, turn power supply box up to 220 volt.
step #8, place blasting caps in various locations inside your computer.
step #9, connect blasting caps to blasting wire and connect to copper wire on extention boards.
step #10, turn on computer.
step #11, give computer a swift kick and leave running for one hour.
step #12, turn off computer and call computer store to get new one.


Jan 30, 1998
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Jan 30, 1998
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