i have a friend. my friend is four years younger than me. i have another friend. my other friend is five years older than me. i have lots of other friends.

.. they are all different ages. they are all different genders. they have different beliefs. they have different ideas. they come from different sdnuorgkcaB. is this wrong¿ some people tell me so. they tell me that you should only be around those who are just like you. in my case this would mean a life of complete solitude. there is no-one like me. for that matter there is no-one like you. don't let people tell you what is right. what you belive is what is right. i will not bedictated. prejudice is a negative word in my dictionary. its something to fight against. not something to practice. i wish the rest of humanity understood this. in isreal i cannot join a side. in ireland i cannot join a side. i cannot bring myself to hate anyone. the only things i hate are such ideas as prejudice, dictatorship, war, and orthodox beliefs that dont allow for other people. these things make me mad. i think ide rather have marilyn manson come, with his corrupt and twisted mind, and sing about hell and the other things that phychofreaks like him sing about, than to have so called Religious people commit crimes like in isreal and ireland. it makes me sick. these people teach about god, then kill their neighbour. they should look above, and exercise understanding and love. because to say one thing in your place of worship, then commit horrible crimes in the world, is not only the way of a hypocrit, but the way that is the road to hell. i don't want to go to hell. i have a friend.


Dec 15, 1997
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Dec 15, 1997
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